FIRST 50 Contacts BackUp v-
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Archive / Backup Contacts to Cloud / Email ( FREE Evaluation version so that you can buy the paid version if you are satisfied )

Collects all the details of FIRST FIFTY ( 50 !! ) persons in your contacts list

Collects all the details associated with a particular contact , saving the individual contacts as separate VCF files and attaches all the contacts to send all the VCF files to the email you specified

All your contacts with all the data present in it like Name , Phone number , Address as well as Notes , even PICTURES will be processed and attached and each contact saved as individual vcf ( v card ) files and sends it all to the email you specified

Every contact attached will be UNIQUELY named for easy and quick recognition

Stand alone app , you WON'T need to synchronize or use BlackBerry Desktop manager or the like . Just install this app , enter the email to which you want the contacts to be saved to

To do the same with ALL the persons in your contacts list , PLEASE CONTACT me


If due to network or other problems , the email couldn't be sent , the email will be available in the DRAFTS folder

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