Version - - 16/08/2011
Astrient Foundation Common
Version 0.9 - 15/11/2009
The Astrient Foundation Common library contains the base components used in many of the Astrient Foundation and Astrient Labs software applications. It is free to use and modify; licensing can be found at the top of each source code file.
Version 1 - 03/09/2009
This JAR file contains the caching code used in and CliqCafe. There are several variations of caching and each variation is employed in to increase efficiency.

For example, all file download requests pass through a GdsCache which caches the bytes of files on disk...
CloudSearch Java ME
Version - - 28/08/2009
The source code for the CloudSearch application. You can download the mobile app from:
i18n DB
Version 1 - 17/11/2009
i18n DB is an effort to create open-source resource bundles of commonly used text by leveraging crowdsourcing. Key value pairs are organized in domains, enabling users to infer context and choose the most apropos set of key value pairs for their application. In addition, each i18n user can enter a...
Version - - 16/09/2009
Version - - 02/03/2010
Version 1 - 03/09/2009
Convert MIDI files from Type 1 to Type 0
nand Lal
Version - - 04/03/2011
Version 1 - 03/09/2009
Create MP3 audio snippets using Java
Version 1 - 03/09/2009
This JAR file contains the background execution and scheduled task code used in and CliqCafe.

Period tasks including the purging of records from a database table and mailing weekly reports are implemented as scheduled tasks. The task scheduler operates like a *nix cron:...
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Total Stored: 15.69GB
by ashishi
by ashishi
by ashishi
Caccia al Quadro
by mikesac
Naija Lyrics Wiki - ME
by trinisoftinc
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